In the north of Hamburg (districts Langenhorn, Fuhlsbüttel, Hummelsbüttel) I offer my services at the following prices:


  • 1 cat = 15 Euros* per day
  • 2 cats/ small pets = 17.50 Euros* per day
  • up to 4 cats/ small pets = 20 Euros* per day

If there isn't a sufficient amount of cat food, cat litter or medications and I need to purchase these items, I charge a 10% surcharge on the purchase price and a further 5 Euros per shopping trip if I need to travel outside of Langenhorn, Fuhlsbüttel or Hummelsbüttel.

*According to German tax law § 19 UStG I do not need to state VAT on my invoices. The invoices are still partly tax deductable. In the German income tax statement you can deduct 20% of all costs for household services (which include pet-sitting at your home) from your total tax burden. You can deduct up to 4,000 Euros per year, but the invoice has to be paid by bank transfer, as this law was created to prevent moonlighting. This is just a note with no legal obligation, I am not a tax accountant.